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You can now save up to 40 per cent off a brand new Hyundai i30. Here's how

The current Hyundai i30 is at the end of its life cycle, replaced this month by the all-new, more distinctive and more refined version. It’ll also bring the fight to the Ford Focus with more potency than ever before. For that reason, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can save a massive 40 per cent off the price of a current i30 petrol model.

For this remarkable offer, is the company to contact. A pre-registered 1.6-litre automatic estate, for example, will set you back just £10,475. That’s a huge reduction of £7000 from the list price. Similarly, a hatchback version in the same guise comes in at a fiver under £10k, which represents an appealing £6480 off.

But don’t think that the four-year-old i30 isn’t a good car. When we tested the 1.4-litre petrol version in 2007, we gave it a solid four-star rating for its excellent ride quality, spacious interior and high level of standard equipment.

Big deals on diesels are harder to come by. Of the dealers we contacted, the best saving we tracked down was at Richmond Hyundai in Portsmouth. It has currently got a 1.6 CRDI in Classic spec on offer for £10,995, saving you a respectable £4100. Call 023 9222 1441 for more details.

If it’s a cheap leasing deal you’re after, Hippo Vehicle Solutions has the 1.4-litre Classic i30 hatchback on offer for a rock-bottom £155 a month over four years, with a £495 deposit. Despite being the entry-level model, standard kit includes air-con, MP3 connectivity and six airbags. For more information, 0845 838 3661 is the number to call.

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tallpaul 1 February 2012

Re: Save 40 per cent on new i30s

TegTypeR wrote:
Overdrive wrote:

What does that say for the future residual values of Hyundais?


I'd estimate that's just taken £2000 off the price of any nearly new i30 on Autotrader.

Do they (Hyundai) not see that this is also likely to really annoy their dealers as well, devaluing their stock.

This smacks of panic from Hyundai; they clearly have not planned an appropriate run-out period for the old model, and are panicked into giving enormous discounts to get the remaining stock registered. Poor management all round, and runs the risk of taking the shine off the launch of the new vehicle.

I did think this was a bizarre article, including contact details of dealers / websites that have the best deals.....more of an advertorial. I would have expected some comment or insight by Autocar on what this means for the customer, the brand and the dealer network.

Orangewheels 1 February 2012

Re: Save 40 per cent on new i30s

We dont do Hyundais but can we have a big advert for the company I work for too please?

As for "pre-reg" that's a dangerous word for Autocar to use - can I suggest you clarify it properly before you get into trouble!

There are 2 types - the first is the OK type where the dealer has a load of excess stock and need to register say 100 cars by the end of the month and have only sold 80, so register another 20 in the dealers name to hit a sales target and get some extra cash from the manufacturer.

The second is the "to be avoided" type where the car is ordered for the customer, and registered either as a demo or in the name of a fleet company, to deliberately mislead the manufacturer into giving the dealership some extra money to make the cars cheaper. The rather large problem with this is that as it's a big lie to fool the manufacturer, the log book needs to be kept in the name of the dealer/fleet company for 4-6 months so that the manufacturer doesn't twig that the car isnt actually for who they said it's for, so the log book isn't passed onto the customer during that time.

The result of this is that as the customer isnt the registered keeper during this time then you can be voiding your insurance, as the driver isnt the registered keeper of the car - you are effectively giving the insurance company a huge "get out of paying you" loophole. A lot of insurance companies insist you are the registered keeper (or spouse of) or won't cover you.

The other downside is that if the car needs any warranty work doing there may be issues especially if it's registered as a dealer demo as they will insist you take it back to the dealership it came from to have the work done - not good if you took delivery from the other end of the country.

Can I suggest Autocar clarifies which type of Pre Preg they are advertising here so as to not get potential customers into trouble, and also not upset car manufacturers who spend thousands each month advertising with them!

feckin maso 1 February 2012

Re: Save 40 per cent on new i30s

when vauxhall replaced the vectra with the insignia they I recall seeing them for sale at sub £10k from a book price of £22k with all the extras, might hurt residual over a 6 month period but beyond that cant see it being a problem, if the new one is that much better it might help