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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up this week's gossip from across the automotive industry

This week's snippets of automotive news include news on a centre-seat McLaren track car, Hyundai on rapid chargers, Seat performance brand and Honda on the diesel Honda CR-V

Centre-seat McLaren: 

McLaren boss Mike Flewitt is interested in creating a track car with one central seat. “It would be fascinating to do [one],” he said. “It would be perfect on a track, and easier to do because you need all sorts of legislation on the road. We’re not planning one but it’s been thought of. I’m surprised someone hasn’t asked MSO [McLaren Special Operations].”

Hyundai on rapid chargers: 

The boss of Hyundai’s powertrain division, Michael Winkler, believes an obsession with rapid charging of electric vehicles is pointless because most owners will recharge their EVs at home overnight. “Slow charging is more healthy for the battery. I would prefer to charge my battery slowly,” he said.

Seat performance brand: 

Seat performance sub-brand Cupra is a “speciality brand rather than a premium brand”, according to boss Luca de Meo. “Cupra is the best expression of what [Seat] is able to do.” He added that Seat would not push volume with Cupra but instead use it as a test bed. “You can’t put a plug-in hybrid into a £15k Ibiza but you could with a £30k Cupra,” said de Meo.

Honda on diesel CR-V:

Honda won’t offer a diesel version of its new CR-V, even though diesel accounts for 60% of UK sales of the current CR-V. “We’ve got to convert 60% of customers. Some people will move to petrol, but higher-mileage drivers will go to hybrid,” said UK boss Dave Hodgetts. He predicts it will take three years to achieve a 50/50 split between petrol and hybrid sales of the CR-V.

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LP in Brighton 6 June 2018

Honda product planning, does it exist?

I must admit that it seems a strange decision to offer a diesel in the Civic (and currently no hybrid), but not in the CR-V to which it would be better suited. This harks back to the time when the first CR-V was launched as a petrol automatic, when what customers really wanted was a diesel manual... Honda is so often out of step with the market that I guess we should not be surprised.  

armstrm 6 June 2018

Honda will not convert all customers

Honda CR-V buyers who want a diesel will look eleswhere. If you do a bit of towing, or you are doing long distance drives, a petrol hybrid is a complete waste of time. A petrol hybrid is only of use on short runs in towns and cities where speeds are low and distances are relatively short. They are deluded if they think they can convert all disel buyers!