Currently reading: Toyota to wow Tokyo with concept trio
This is a standfirst

Alongside the stunning GS concept, Toyota and Lexus are aiming to wow Tokyo crowds with three further concepts.

The New-Life Support Vehicle (pictured above) is the company’s take on a future city car. Key features include a single sliding door and a single box design, created to maximise space.

More likely to make production is the RX300 Hybrid (pictured right). Lexus has body kitted its petrol-electric 4x4 to show how part electric power doesn’t need to diminish performance. The 3.6 V6 promises to rival the X5 4.4-litre’s performance.

Also on display is the Personal Mobility Concept (pictured in gallery). This futuristic one-seater ‘loves to socialise’ according to Toyota. In practice that means it can be programmed to automatically follow other Personal Mobility Concepts. One of the many features of the weird, pod-like styling, is its hubless wheels.

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