Radical two-seat electric car concept is tipped to make production
21 October 2009

This is the Nissan Land Glider, a two-seat electric car that the company insists “should not be regarded as a mere design study.”

The Land Glider is a serious indication of Nissan’s intent to build an urban commuter car, following the likes of the Renault Twizy and Peugeot BB1.

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Future city dwellers will want a small, convenient, easy-to-drive-and-park runabout that takes up little road space. The Land Glider, it says, gives "a clear direction to how a future small car from Nissan could look in congested cities”.

Unveiled at the Tokyo motor show, the battery powered, super slim Land Glider has four wheels and two tandem seats with the passenger seated behind the driver, motorbike style. It is 3100mm long and 1415mm high, but just 1100mm wide.

It tilts through corners up to an angle of 17 degrees, and Nissan says the car is designed serve up some of the fun and agility of a bike.

On the move, the Land Glider uses sensors to check vehicle speed, steering angle and yaw rate and works out the angle of lean needed to negotiate a curve. The entire car, including the tyres, tilts into the corner - all the driver does is turn the handlebar-style wheel and the Land Glider reacts.

Powering the car two electric motors mounted in the rear, fed by a lithium-ion battery pack mounted beneath the floor. The car also features a novel car-robotics style crash avoidance system that'll steer it automatically away from other vehicles or obstacles.


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7 October 2009


It is April 1st, yes?

7 October 2009

pretty cool. i wouldnt mind one of those. 4 wheel, 1+1 in line transport is where its at.

a performance version would be ideal. fun.

7 October 2009

for sure v. cool. i hope it is out soon I want to buy one, it shows how forward thinking Nissan are, hopefully they will have their UK facility making them also!

7 October 2009

I don't believe that either of you two are car enthusiasts. Unbelievable!

7 October 2009

[quote Autocar]It may look like a flight of fancy concept, but Nissan says this two-seat electric car “should not be regarded as a mere design study.”[/quote]

Quite right- various car designers appear to be attempting to figure out a way of low emission motoring for the masses. Car drivers are usually unconvinced with all-weather practicalities of bikes, but car designers are currently attempting to push the boundaries of design for cars with a convergence of bike tech and car body. When I looked at the Nissan Land Glider, I immediately thought of the Piaggio mp3 scooter and its quadrilateral suspension. The Piaggio has two front wheels for additional grip, but the suspension allows the scooter to "lean" into the corners with both front wheels in contact with the ground and the suspension allowing the vehicle to tilt (up to 40 degrees). It appears that Nissan have brought similar tech to both front and rear wheels. If they could fit in a turbo 600cc into the body, take out the concept car styling flourishes (such as cameras for rear side mirrors, etc) and price this design cheap enough, I reckon that it would appeal to many people purely seeking a cheap, reliable and safe mode of transport to and from home - a commuter vehicle.

7 October 2009

Not sure about how cool this is or if I could really see myself driving one - but this is pushing things the right way and the interior IS pretty cool. We DO need something that is designed for one / occassionally two with a narrow footprint. Preferably fun to drive - and getting the thing to lean would not only be fun but couteract the cenrifugal force problems - making a narrow vehicle want to fall over in fast corners. Seen a couple of other designs with a single front wheel and a pivot system to two rear wheels - if only the stylists could really make them look the b0ll0x, if they were suitably quick - and maybe if there was a race series, I'm sure there would be a market.

8 October 2009

It's aimed at motorbike riders... who don't like to get wet! :-)

8 October 2009

I get the eco-ideals behind this...but does it not look awful?!



21 October 2009

Fabulous. If that was on sale now for under £15k I'd be signing on the line.

21 October 2009

[quote MartyB59]Seen a couple of other designs with a single front wheel and a pivot system to two rear wheels[/quote] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carver_(automobile). There is one of these for sale on Pistonheads at £25k.

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