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VW designers say positive reaction to the E-Bugster will help make the case for production

A positive reaction to VW's speedster-look E-Bugster will help make the case for putting it into production as the third variant of the new Beetle, Autocar has learned.

Officially, VW is remaining tight-lipped about the chance of putting the handsome design into production. But the car's designers believe it has a strong chance of making production.

"This is a serious proposal for a speedster Beetle and I am sure it will come for production", says designer Mark Lichter, "we just need to find the business case".

The E-Bugster's squat proportions come from a windscreen chopped-down by 65mm and the high point of the roof being pushed back to give a wedge-like profile to the roofline.

Inspiration for the design came from Lichter's own 964 Porsche 911 Speedster. 'A Beetle Speedster is the perfect car for the US,' says Lichter.

Also a nod to the world of the west coast tuner are the E-Bugster's multi-spoke alloy wheels, which ape Porsche's iconic 1960s design. They are made of conventional cast alloy and likely to feature on the new Beetle Convertible due for launch late this year. The originals were of unusual pressed alloy construction.

Julian Rendell

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TegTypeR 19 January 2012

Re: Public reaction key to E-Bugster launch

Best looking Beetle so far.

It's not made clear if they are intending to produce this as a hard top or a genuine speedster? Could easily work as both and as a hard top you could almost call it a Beetle Coupe.

If it does get made as a Speedster, I wonder if they intending it to ape the design of the Porsche and only use a temporary hood structure?

tomisdadude 18 January 2012

Re: Public reaction key to E-Bugster launch

Too be honest I would never buy a VW Beetle if its the best car in the world I will refuse. Mainly for its origins and they are not attractive at all and i would rather buy a Scirocco than a Beetle.

josen100x 18 January 2012

Re: Public reaction key to E-Bugster launch

Like father, like son, like father...becoming like a Porsche more and more.