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Autocar spy photographers have the best spyshots yet of the Porche Pananmera

These latest spy shots of the four-door Porsche Panamera are the best yet, revealing in clearer detail than ever the grand tourer’s sleek shape and, for the first time, its plush new interior.

This Panamera’s well-appointed tan leather cabin is clearly visible in our photographs. It’s dominated by a wide and high-set centre console, which should deliver a wrap-around, cosseting sensation that befits a continent-bashing GT.

The gear level looks as if it could be a manual, but it’s really a Speedtronic DSG unit with subtle gear selectors on the front of the steering wheel. Porsche seems to be persisting with the controversial back-to-front button shifters, as seen on the latest PDK 911, rather than more traditional paddles.

The flat, centrally mounted navigation screen is set unusually low, but should be a new-generation touch screen system. Most of the system controls are mounted on the imposing centre console, leaving a clutter-free dashboard.

Porsche’s first ever four-door will be launched in the second-half of next year. Autocar’s seen a prototype; in the metal it’s low, sleek, around five-metres long and should have space for two adults in the rear.

The Panamera’s based on the same platform as the Cayenne, and will boast a range of longitudinally mounted engines including a direct-injection V8, a V6 and potentially a diesel V6. It will also become the first Porsche to deliver the company’s new electric-gasoline hybrid system, which will also be fitted to the next generation Cayenne in 2010.

Stuttgart intends to build around 30,000 Panamera’s per year and a starting price of around £50k has been forecast.

Will Powell

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Brooklands 14 August 2008

Re: Porsche Panamera interior spotted

ethnotechnic3 wrote:

No, I haven't forgotten any of those four models, all of them fine motorcars, but have any of them sold as well as the Boxster?

Bear in mind there are more wealthy people around today than there were in the days of the 924/944 etc and yet they sold very well. I am still annoyed the boxster looks too much like the 911 and thus gives the impression of a poor mans 911. Maybe it's even time to replace the 911 (melted VW Beetle LOL) with a front engined 2+2. If it looks good and goes well it will sell.

RobotBoogie 14 August 2008

Re: Porsche Panamera interior spotted

ethnotechnic3 wrote:
Simple answer - when Porsche make cars that don't look like a 911 people don't buy them

How would they know?

Jon Hardcastle 14 August 2008

Re: Porsche Panamera interior spotted

These interior dash shots show that Porsche are finally catching up with the rest of the world, or atleast it does not replicate too closely the 911 dash.