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Footage of Autocar's test of the hardcore Civic

Autocar recently tested the new Civic Type R Mugen, an extreme one-off concept, and now we can bring you an exclusive video of the drive.

The car has been built to gauge public reaction to a hardcore Civic Type R and to help Honda to decide whether to put it into limited-scale production.

Watch the Mugen Civic Type R video

This would boost public awareness of Mugen Euro, the semi-official tuning arm of Honda, and could signal the launch of more Mugen-branded tuning products and upgrades.

New mapping has increased the engine's rev limit to 8500rpm, with peak power of 237bhp at 8300, and Mugen has thrown 105kg out, by using composite body panels, ditching the rear seats, fitting new front seats and using lighter wheels.

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Peter Cavellini 5 October 2009

Re: Mugen Civic Type R video

Don't you think this car is two years too late!, of course it should've been built but now the body shape is out of date, it had design defects, there are new kids on the block, better looking, quicker, with seats for four, what you can't argue with is that engine,sounds like a touring car on maximum attack! and unfortunately most of the opposition is cheaper too, i'm sure a Clio Cup would show it a clean pair of heels most of the time and it can be had for half the price!

beachland2 4 October 2009

Re: Mugen Civic Type R video

at £25k the mugen is the cheaper choice to the RS and the mugen would be quicker. even with 60bhp down on power. you cant really compare it to imports as you could say that about any car made in another country really. i think the mugen is a performance tune car/engine the RS has a low tune engine and is compromised by having rear seats etc.

Samiur Rahman SHAH 4 October 2009

Re: Mugen Civic Type R video

Ah the noise! Wonderful!