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GM's Volt will have the feel of a 250bhp V6 car

More details have been revealed about GM’s Chevrolet Volt, including its projected 0-60 time and an estimate on its price.

In an official GM webchat, Jon Lauckner, co-creator of the Volt, said it was likely the Volt would cost around $40,000 (£25,000), although no final decision would be taken until three to six months before production started.

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Lauckner said the Volt would reach 0-60mph in less than nine seconds and it would have the feel of a 250bhp V6 engine. He also said it would be “capable of squawking the tyres” and its 0-30mph time would be much more dramatic.

GM expected the Volt’s battery pack to be able to last for 10 years or 150,000 miles and it would offer a warranty to match this, he added.

Lauckner denied the possibility of an all-electric GM car or an all-wheel-drive Volt variant, although an all-wheel-drive Volt would be possible.

GM plans to have pre-production models available for testing by employees and “a few others” within a year, and the Volt is still on course for going on sale in November 2011.

On the future of electric cars, Lauckner said, “Electrification of the automobile is here and the trend grows stronger every day. We remain extremely committed to the Volt and vehicle electrification.

“We’re the leaders in it today and we expect to be the leaders in the future.”

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