1.2-litre three-cylinder unit will be fitted to Jaguar XJ concept
7 September 2009

Lotus has revealed a ground-breaking 1.2-litre range extender engine.

The unit, which is similar to that found in the Chevrolet Volt, produces 47bhp and will be fitted to a Jaguar XJ as part of a project to create an exectutive saloon with less than 120g/km emissions.

The 56kg three-cylinder petrol engine is attached to an electricity generator and powers both the car’s electric motor and charges a battery pack.

The engine is an all-new design from Lotus and features an aluminium monoblock construction integrating the cylinder block, cylinder head and exhaust manifold in one casting. This reduces weight, assembly costs and engine size, while improving emissions and durability.

Both alcohol-based fuels and petrol can be used. The unit has been designed by Lotus Engineering, the company’s consultancy-division, and will be sold to other manufacturers.

However, a spokesman for the car maker said it was a “possibility” it could appear in a Lotus.

“A lot of Lotus Engineering technology is for other manufacturers but Lotus looks at the best technology with regards to using it in its cars," he said.

Initially the Lotus range extender has been developed for a Jaguar, as part of the “Limo-Green” project funded by Lotus Engineering, Jaguar, MIRA and Caparo.

Jaguar told Autocar this technology could find its way into its road cars.

“This is the sort of technology we are looking towards,” said a spokesman.

An XJ mule will be ready by the end of the year to test the new Lotus range extender. The range extender will be on display at the Frankfurt motor show next week.

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7 September 2009

this would be ideal for an elise hybrid model, makes much more sense than the tesla.

7 September 2009

Sounds good, but Lotus is crap :-)

7 September 2009

sounds crap, but lotus is good.

7 September 2009

So from this i guess we can assume that the 47 hp is produced at very modest revs, something this unit will run at constantly to top up the batteries once the inital charge from the plug has been exhausted. Also we can assume that an XJ Jag uses no more than 47 hp as an average figure, or the unit would not keep it going after the initial charge was used.

It interesting technology, but as with the Volt i cant help thinking it will be very expensive with a battery pack large enough to do the usual daily comute without using this top up engine.

Its interesting to watch all the different roots being taken to develope our future transportation.

7 September 2009

[quote Topkat]Sounds good, but Lotus is crap :-)[/quote]

Is every thing CRAP ?.

Your life must be crap for so much negativity to come from it.

7 September 2009


I think you are right that they assume an XJ won't use more than 47hp on average. I don't think that a heavy battery will be used - just a very small one to buffer the power needed for peak power usage, when required. The battery will probably be not much more than a capacitor since it won't be used to power the car over any significant distance.

8 September 2009

JLR & Lotus have the right idea. Make the car as light as you can and then shove in light weight powertrains.

What have BMW's bright sparks given us? Steel bodied cars, heavy electric packs in a 2 seater overly large MINI and efficient dynamics which is all about power and little to do with anything remotely green.

8 September 2009

[quote TStag]What have BMW's bright sparks given us? Steel bodied cars, heavy electric packs in a 2 seater overly large MINI and efficient dynamics which is all about power and little to do with anything remotely green.[/quote]

Same with Audi, they stick some low rolling resistance tyres on, add stop/start and call themselves fuel efficient!

This is a concept that can really work in the real world, well done Lotus and JLR for commisioning this

8 September 2009

Goon on Lotus & Jaguar - this is precisely why what motor industry we have left needs to be preserved at all costs - and yes all you petty pedants, we all know who owns them - I'm waiting for that snake Mandleson to pop ip now and take the credit for it.

As for our visually challenged friend:

[quote daddy 3]Your life must be crap for so much negativity to come from it.[/quote]

Actually it's probably just a ruse to advertise & get inbound links to his website... Obviously knows more about SEO than cars...

8 September 2009

Jag XJ with 47 bhp- I can`t stop laughing! I`m sure that all chairmen and politicians will switch from theirs S600 and 760i to that beast.

Lotus should at first build an engine to propel its own cars and stop buying Toyota`s engines


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