Currently reading: Honda creates motorised stool
New concept can move in any direction

Honda has created a mobility device that moves in any direction and is designed to replace walking.

The U3-X is a cross between a stool and a monocycle and uses similar sensors to Honda’s Asimo robot to remain upright at all times.

The rider shifts his or her body weight to steer the device either forwards, backwards, diagonally or sideways.

The system uses a large wheel made up of many small motor-controlled wheels. In forward motion the large wheel turns and the device moves sideways on the smaller wheels. It combines the two to steer diagonally.

The US-X weighs 10kg and has a foldable seat and lightweight body to make it fully portable. It runs on a lithium ion battery, which lasts for around an hour.

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plumiestparts 25 September 2009

Re: Honda creates motorised stool

I must confess to misreading and misunderstanding this headline too, imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be something else.

Although it does seem to describe much of their current range.

rightwheeldrive 25 September 2009

Re: Honda creates motorised stool

Whats New? Audi have done this first with the TT! Uh? What? Oh! Stool to sit on? Not as in sample!?!

Sorry couldnt resist!