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Gordon Murray's T25 city car is claimed to be the biggest revolution is mass-produced cars

These are the most detailed sketches yet of Gordon Murray’s new T25 city car project, now halfway through its 24-month development programme.

The T25 is a new and “radically innovative” urban transport solution that’s being developed by the McLaren F1’s famous designer. Behind the car lies a “totally rethought” manufacturing process that has reduced the parts count by 20 per cent.

"It's not just a question of losing a few kilos here and there," said Murray. "This is the biggest revolution in the mass-production of cars for 100 years. What we're saying is, 'How can we protect our mobility before the big stick comes out?'"

Autocar understands that the T25 will be lightweight, innovatively packaged and eco-friendly. Its CO2 emissions will be “less than half the UK average” and it is expected to score a Euro NCAP rating of at least four stars. More bold promises include packaging that offers “MPV flexibility” by incorporating six different layouts into one small car.

Murray claims that the T25 chassis will be able to be flat-packed, enabling more cars to be shipped per container compared with ‘body in whites’. He also estimates that the production line for the car will cost less than a quarter of the equivalent traditional set-up because of the ground-breaking design.

This T25 urban car project has been on Murray’s mind for over a decade and has become a reality since he set up Gordon Murray Design Ltd a year ago. The company now has 29 staff and is closely affiliated with Caparo, maker of the track-bred T1 supercar.

The T25 would be priced at the lower end of the market in Britain, so expect sub-£10k stickers, possibly going as low as £5500 for the base model. But it’s not yet clear if Caparo will build Murray’s new model, or if the design, engineering and manufacturing process will be sold on to a larger manufacturer. Autocar will be present at a press event this afternoon, when we’ll be able to bring you more details.

Will Powell

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Scottish Scrutineer 16 March 2009

Re: Gordon Murray makes city car

bkruiser wrote:

I think these guys have been building this car for a while... Not a new idea.

If you look, this is an electric car. Gordon Murrays design is using conventional i/c engine. Judging by his previous efforts, I think this could be a serious breakthrough. I'll certainly consider one.

bkruiser 19 November 2008

Re: Gordon Murray makes city car

I think these guys have been building this car for a while... Not a new idea.

RobotBoogie 18 November 2008

Re: Gordon Murray makes city car

It's interesting and I have time for Murray but it's still only another small UK car company with a lot of sketches and no product. However, as ever in these cases, I'd like to be proven wrong.