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Manufacturers unveil annual LA show Design Challenge entries

A host of outlandish car designs have been rolled out for the annual LA auto show Design Challenge.

Each year a different theme spurs California’s many design studios into creating an automotive vision of the future.

See the hi-res pics from the annual LA auto show Design Challenge

This time around the brief is “Youthmobile 2030”, looking at what the youth of today, raised on mobile phones, web cams and online communities, will want from a car in 20 years time.

The challenge is also to look at the idea of conventional car ownership and how this might change. Entries this year come from Audi, General Motors, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota.

The winner will be announced at this year’s LA show.

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ryaner 6 November 2009

Re: Cars of 2030 revealed

Surely this indicates how out of touch car manufactuers are with young people if they think this is what young people want. When I was 10, in the early 90's by the way, my dream car was a 250 gt swb, (still is).

Just because young people like gadgets, dos not mean they wouldn't still drool over a good alfa 8c or lamborghini murcielago. These concepts look like some cartoon from the 1960's.

robdougall 6 November 2009

Re: Cars of 2030 revealed

The Nissan’s V2G looks like a lobster to me.