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Efficient sports car will show way forward for future models

BMW will unveil an environmentally friendly sports car concept at Frankfurt.

The EfficientDynamics Vision is designed to show how efficient a performance car can be and will feature eco-innovations in the drivetrain and materials.

BMW GINA concept

This suggests it could use aluminium or even fabric, as seen in the previous Gina concept car.

Also expect to see intelligent aerodynamics systems that could one day find their way on to BMW road cars.

Expect the concept to be powered by either a hybrid powerplant, which could be a diesel, or an all-electric motor.

“Anyone who takes a closer look at this concept car will understand the direction in which we are developing our technology,” said Dr Klaus Draeger, BMW management board member.

“And it will become evident that we will have to dedicate more human and financial resources to this type of development work.”

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