7 November 2003

Ford is considering an open-top version of its 350bhp 4wd Visos concept coupé, to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

The upmarket coupé shown here made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and Ford is toying with a follow-up that will better demonstrate the car’s interior features.

Although Ford is debating a flagship coupé for production, the Visos is now seen as more of a technological showcase than a preview of a specific model.

A particular feature of the car is its novel packaging, the dashboard being considerably more compact than usual to free up passenger space. Indeed, the dash is so slender that it carries no controls, because drivers would not be able to reach them.

Pedestal-mounted front seats – they increase rear footroom – and switchable ‘mood’ interior lighting are among the highlighted technologies, along with LCD instruments of novel graphic design and improved clarity. The Visos also features a jointly developed Ford and Sony version of BMW’s iDrive, called HMI (Human Machine Interface), which controls the infotainment centre and offers programmable engine and suspension characteristics.

The Visos cabrio may include some fresh thoughts on the car’s exterior style, whose reception at the Frankfurt show was mixed, even among senior Ford personnel. Ford’s designers are currently exploring a new design language for the brand that is intended to blend individuality with sophistication.

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