Currently reading: Toyota to recall Prius and C-HR hybrids in UK over fire risk
Global recall to fix potential wiring fault affects one million cars, including 32,393 in the UK

Toyota will recall more than one million hybrid Toyota Prius and Toyota C-HR models worldwide — including cars in the UK — due to a wiring issue that can pose a fire risk. 

A Toyota GB spokesperson has confirmed that 32,393 vehicles in Britain are affected by the recall, although it’s not clear how many of each model makes up that figure. Owners will be contacted directly and can also check if they are affected on the brand’s website. 

Toyota says that in the affected vehicles the wire harness that connects to the hybrid power control unit can come into contact with the covering at the connection point, potentially generating heat and leading to a risk of fire. The issue affects vehicles produced in Japan between June 2015 and May 2018.

Around half of the affected vehicles are in Japan, a company spokesman told Reuters. A recall was ordered in that country by its transport ministry after one incident in Japan of smoke arising from a vehicle following an electrical short, according to Toyota.

A statement from Toyota GB said: “Customer safety is Toyota’s number one priority and although there have been no reports of any accidents or injuries relating to the potential issue, we have proactively chosen to contact customers so that we can check their vehicles.” 

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Mazfatty 5 September 2018

Would love to know how much

Would love to know how much it has cost Toyota in recalls in the last five years?

LP in Brighton 5 September 2018

Risk Management

Does it really make sense to recall one million cars over a single incident? 

I would have thought that the risk involved with the repair itself, plus the risk involved with additional mileage driving backwards and forwards to dealers was greater than any fire risk. I suppose that if this is just a check during routine servicing, then the exercise is worthwhile - and owners should be reassured by Toyota's thoroughness.