Currently reading: Quick news: Nissan's Twizy, MG6 kits, ONS production figures, BMW i3 release date
Nissan's Twizy rival, MG6 to BMW-lookalike conversions, ONS production figures, BMW i3 release date

Nissan is working on a small electric car to rival the Renault Twizy. It will share the Twizy’s diminutive footprint but gain a fully enclosed cabin, addressing the Twizy’s lack of weather protection.

The Office of National Statistics has released figures on the UK car industry.  Manufacturing output of motor vehicles has recovered to pre-recession levels, while the first three months of 2013 saw the UK’s largest trade surplus in passenger cars in more than 15 years. 

BMW has announced that its electric i3 will be debuted at a special event on 29 July. In a promotional video BMW released this teaser image, which shows the silhouette of the production model to look similar to previous i3 concept cars.

Kits are being sold in China to turn the MG6 into a BMW 5-series lookalike. The pack includes new headlights, a kidney grille, and even BMW wheel trims. It’s one of many kits on sale to Chinese car owners to allow them to transform their vehicle into a more prestigious model.

James Lewis-Barned

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peterover 4 July 2013

The BMW MG6 looks far better

The BMW MG6 looks far better than the real things and a darn sight cheaper!


I like the Twizzy, it looks great fun and I look forward to having a go in one, however Nissan are spot on developing a fully inclosed one on the same chassis, as the Twizzy looks a real nightmare to live with in winter.. 


Ruddy word verification on this site is driving me nuts!

kendwilcox47 4 July 2013

I have to ask,why don't they

I have to ask,why don't they buy the istream off Gordon,the

T27 will carry three has a boot and i understand it's good to drive?.

This thing is nothing but a joke

Turismo 4 July 2013

Like the fully enclosed bit,

Like the fully enclosed bit, but this appears nothing like the Twizzy unfortunately. The Twizzy is great as its kart like, but this Nissan is leaning and with narrow  tyres. Dont want that.