Currently reading: Land Rover plans new 'Landy' urban SUV
JLR reignites rumours of a new baby SUV model after applying to trademark the 'Landy' name

Jaguar Land Rover has applied to trademark the 
name ‘Landy’, which could be used on a future urban SUV.

The application was made last month 
and is intended to cover everything from vehicles 
and associated accessories to clothing, scale 
models and franchising for vehicle dealerships.

There have been persistent rumours that 
Land Rover is seriously considering building a 
fashionable urban SUV based on the Evoque 
platform and with similar styling to the DC100 concept. 

Officials admitted that such a car was being 
considered but that no business case had been made. 
The arrival of the Mk3 Mini family and the prospect of a new front-wheel-drive BMW X1 and an Audi Q1 crossover could have combined to reignite the Land Rover project.

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deven75 23 January 2014

Waiting for new landy

Land rover always provide a unique model. I hope landy will be the smartest one like Range rover.
concinnity 22 January 2014

How is it that Japanese

How is it that Japanese manufacturers have been making small 4WDs for years and Land Rover is just getting to it. Even the incompetents at Fiat managed to get the Panda 4WD right.
GermanPower 21 January 2014

JLR are an Indian company

JLR are an Indian company with all the associated sleaze and corrupt business practices. The Evoque is a badge engineered Mondeo and even has the same Duratorq engine. Autocar are every bit as culpable by giving column inches to these chancers.
d79m 22 January 2014

What is it with people and

What is it with people and bloody mondeos!! How is an Evoque a badge engineered mondeo? I cant remember a four wheel drive mondeo? Small mindedness to try and make stupid comments about a very very successful car. Oh and as for the it even uses a mondeo engine, well doesnt the £200,000 vanquish use two mondeo engines bolted together so they cant be that bad can they.
philcUK 22 January 2014

d79m wrote:I cant remember a

d79m wrote:

I cant remember a four wheel drive mondeo?

maybe its before your time then - 4 x 4 was optional on 2 litre Mondeos as early as the first gen models back in the early 90's

d79m wrote:

Oh and as for the it even uses a mondeo engine

cant remember anyone saying it did - just the running gear - its chassis in other words.

WarrenL 24 January 2014

I sincerely hope your tongue

I sincerely hope your tongue is in your cheek.