Currently reading: Hot Renault Zoe RS could hit market before 2020
A high-performance version of the electrically powered Zoe is being explored by Renault Sport

Renault Sport is exploring the possibility of launching a high-performance version of the electrically powered Renault Zoe before 2020.

Renault Sport boss Patrice Ratti previously confirmed that his team have built a prototype, and the creation of the 460bhp Zoe e-sport concept car (officially a nod to Renault’s involvement in Formula E) was seen as a further indication of the brand’s intentions.

Hot Renault Zoe e-sport gets 460bhp

“We are thinking about doing a Zoe RS but it is a big study that will take time,” said Ratti. “The performance of batteries has improved [to the point] that it is now feasible, which certainly wasn’t the case a few years ago. So the studies have begun.”

Renault Sport Clio chassis and steering modifications are said to fit the Zoe, although Ratti said “a Renault Sport car also needs to handle well and that is the challenge. To have the weight of the batteries and still achieve the agility we pride ourselves on is a tough task.” He added that battery limitations meant the prototype could only be driven for 15 minutes flat out.

“Renault has established leadership in electric vehicles and we plan to maintain and develop that,” added Ratti. “The incredible acceleration of electric cars – that fits perfectly to Renault Sport.”

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fadyady 10 July 2017

Great news

Who does not want a fast electric car! Faster charging and longer range would be nice too. Or nicer in my opinion.
Clarkey 10 July 2017


I see the quote function is working as well as ever....
racinggreen 10 July 2017

Lets hope that when Clarkey

Lets hope that when Clarkey is having his brisk drive round country lanes, that no cyclists or horse riders are round the corner....