Currently reading: Stellantis CEO: Terrible ZEV mandate will kill UK car industry
Carlos Tavares asks UK government to count locally built cars in electric vehicle sales quotas

Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares has branded the current ZEV mandate a "terrible thing for the UK" and warned that it could "kill" the domestic automotive industry.

Under the current terms of the ZEV mandate, car makers must achieve at least a 22% sales mix of electric models in the UK this year or risk heavy penalties. That proportion will rise in increments to 80% in 2030, on the way to ICE car sales being stopped in 2035.

Speaking to UK journalists from Stellantis's small-van factory at Ellesmere Port, Tavares agreed with the logic behind this notion, saying "I think the fact that they're imposing a ramp-up of [EV sales] makes sense" but adding: "The problem is the magnitude and the positioning of the ZEV mandate vis-à-vis the natural demand of the market."

He estimated that "the natural demand of the market today in the UK for BEVs is half of the mandate" and cautioned of the dangers of boosting this proportion with legislation and fines.

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