Currently reading: UK Government hints at extra hybrid 'flexibility' in 2030 ban
New promise could allow a greater variety of hybrids to remain on sale between 2030 and 2035

The Government is in dialogue with makers of hybrid vehicles including Toyota as it looks at introducing “flexibility” on the scheduled ban on the sales of new pure petrol and diesel cars in 2030, the business and trade secretary Kemi Badenoch has said.

British authorities have said it will allow the sales of combustion-engined cars with a “significant zero-emission capability” for five years after the initial ban, but has yet to define what that means.

“We know it is not an easy transition so what we are working on is how we can be as flexible as possible to make it easy for people to adjust,” Badenoch told journalists at the sidelines of Monday’s announcement of Government support for the electric vehicle refit of the Mini plant in Oxford.

“There is no point putting a deadline in if people aren’t able to make that transition from petrol to electric.

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