Currently reading: Bentley breaks yearly profits record within first half of 2022
Bentley’s six-month result of €398 million is greater than its profit from the entirety of 2021

Bentley has broken its overall annual profit record within the first six months of 2022, despite having almost closed its factory three times.

It posted profits of €398 million (£333.5m) – €9m (£7.7m) more than the record of €389m (£325.8m) set in 2021.

A spokesperson for Bentley told Autocar: “We’ve almost had to shut the factory three times due to possible parts shortages, either caused by Ukraine [restricting the supply of wiring looms] or [the shortage of] semiconductors.”

He added that production of wiring looms never stopped thanks to “those brave people” and that Bentley was a priority for semiconductor supply within the Volkswagen Group, meaning the brand is currently producing cars at its “highest rate ever".

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