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Peugeot plans a new four-seat concept for the Beijing motor show in April, which will use the same 'natural' materials as the Onyx concept

Peugeot will reveal a new concept car at the Beijing motor show in April. The new model will come "from the same lineage" as the dramatic Onyx concept of 2012

A sole image released by Peugeot of the concept hidden under covers shows that it will be a sleek four-door saloon, something Peugeot itself hints at in stating the concept will have room for four passengers and their luggage. 

Measuring 4.73 metres long by 1.31 metres high, the concept will be made using the same "original materials" as the Onyx. The Onyx used hand-crafted copper sheeting for its wings and doors, with other panels fashioned using carbonfibre. The windows and roof of the concept were made from a lightweight acrylic-based alternative to glass.

The French firm hasn't revealed what will power the concept. The Onyx used a 600bhp, 3.7-litre V8 hybrid HDI FAP engine linked to a six-speed sequential gearbox.

The company says the use of natural materials, and the minimalistic design of the Onyx concept, will become a design hallmark for its future models.

The concept is the latest part of Peugeot's push into China as it looks to increase its business outside a struggling marketplace in Europe. Indeed, Peugeot's parent firm PSA is still in talks with Chinese manufacturer Dongfeng to take a stake in the French firm, as part of a $4.1 billion investment that would see the Peugeot family losing majority control of the firm. The deal has already been agreed in principle by the PSA board. 

General Motors recently sold its shares in PSA for $250 million to pave the way for the Dongfeng deal. 

Peugeot already has three manufacturing sites in China, and is reportedly considering a fourth. The joint venture that already exists between the two companies resulted in 550,000 units sold in 2013, with targets for this year set at 650,000. By next year, Peugeot officials expect China to be its single biggest market.

PSA is soon to be headed by Carlos Tavares, the former COO of Renault. Tavares has been confirmed as the successor to Philippe Varin, who has yet to announce his departure date.

It was widely believed that Varin would hand the reigns to Tavares when Peugeot announced its annual results on 19 February, but sources have now hinted that Tavares will take over in March to allow Varin to contine to play a key role in the Dongfeng negotiations. 

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