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Carbon, copper and acrylic have been used in the construction of this 600bhp concept, shown off by Peugeot at the Paris motor show

This minimalist supercar concept is easily the most striking model in Peugeot’s Paris motor show display. Named Peugeot Onyx, it has been created by the French marque's designers in conjunction with Peugeot Sport and the R&D department of PSA Peugeot-Citroën.

The mid-engined, rear-drive car is mainly constructed from unprocessed raw materials and is underpinned by technology from the firm’s Le Mans prototype.

The Onyx’s wings and doors are made from copper sheet, fashioned by hand. Other panels are carbonfibre and the windows and roof are made of a lightweight acrylic alternative to glass.

Sandeep Bhambra, principle designer of the Onyx, says the car is "a one-off" but "will influence all future Peugeot design." He adds: "It shows a passion for individualisation and hand crafting - an attention to detail all Peugeots should have. It has the Le Mans car powertrain. Although it is a one-off concept it is a runner - the first test we did 180kph, so it is not a normal concept, it is very capable."

The car, which weighs 1100kg, is built around a central carbon structure on to which the 3.7-litre V8 hybrid HDI FAP engine and suspension are bolted. The engine produces 600bhp and is driven through a six-speed sequential gearbox.

The Onyx also has a kinetic energy recovery system, which channels braking energy into lithium ion batteries and then automatically discharges the power on acceleration, boosting the output by an additional 80bhp.

The concept is 4650mm long, 2200mm wide and 1130mm high and has a drag coefficient of 0.30.

The passenger compartment is made of compressed felt and is formed as a one-piece pod, with no stitching or joins. The dashboard is made of wood produced from recycled newspapers.

It seems unlikely that Onyx will reach production.


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VicciV 21 December 2012


reminds me of duracell cells - not that it is a bad thing.


Les Paul 30 September 2012

Trying to get some ROI on

Trying to get some ROI on their unraced 908 HDI HYbrid4 powertrain by clothing it in a space age body and generating some extra column inches...?

TegTypeR 27 September 2012

I look forward....

....  to seeing this in Richard Bremners "This was the future once" column in a couple of years.

Copper wings eh?  Unprocessed materials?

Is this going to be the only concept car that will changed colour over time.  Those wings will go from copper to dull brown to green.....

Shame neither the car or anything from it will see production.