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The week’s best pictures, videos and news, plus a few surprises, from the motoring world. Starring a Veyron flat-out on the Autobahn, and your chance to buy a Ford GT

Welcome to the Autocar Lunchbox, a one-stop shop for the sandwich-munching web surfer; a digest of the motoring week's best bits for those with only a few minutes to spare.

Story of the week

The Ford GT returns

There's only one candidate here for the week's biggest news. The Ford GT made a stunning comeback at the Detroit motor show on Monday as a 600bhp+ Ferrari fighter. It will go on sale by the end of the next year complete with a twin-turbo V6 engine, a hi-tech carbonfibre tub and bodywork, and race car-style suspension. The year is only a couple of weeks old, but we may already have the star car of 2015.

Picture of the week

Esqueleto Style Copen Wagon

If you were looking for crazy concepts at the Detroit motor show this week, you'd visited the wrong continent. For the real oddball stuff was at the Tokyo Auto Salon more than 6000 miles away. The real head turner was ludicrous/brilliant Esqueleto Style Copen Wagon, a breadvan version of the Daihatsu Copen. Us neither... 

YouTube Gold

Bugatti Veyron maxxed on the Autobahn

We’d all love to drive our Bugatti Veyrons (ahem) as fast as we can up the M1, but speed limits get in the way of that. You could always drive to Germany, of course, and take advantage of their more progressive attitudes to speed limits. To whet your appetite, we did just that, and took a Veyron to its maximum one night in Germany. Strap yourself in and watch how we got on in the video below.

From the archives

James Dyson redesigns the car - 13 March 2009

Six years ago, Colin Goodwin sat down with vacuum cleaner revolutionary James Dyson to see how he’d applied his creative skills to the humble motor car. It turned out he wasn’t impressed with windscreen wipers, and had a solution.

“We’ve got a new hand drier called the Airblade,” he said. “Air is blown over a very narrow slit and reaches around 400mph. It’s not heated, just very high velocity. Now this idea could be transferred onto the car. Instead of a strip of rubber - which needs to be regularly replaced - wiping the screen, you’d have an invisible jet of air moving across it.”

Review of the week

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Mercedes-Maybach S600

Bloody nose wiped, Mercedes-Benz is having another go with Maybach. This time, it's not a standalone brand, but rather a sub-section of Mercedes-Benz called Mercedes-Maybach. The first model to receive the Maybach treatment is the S-class. Is it any good?

Fact of the week

There's an even bigger and more expensive S-class coming

That's right: for those of you out there for whom a Mercedes-Maybach S600 is neither big nor luxurious enough, Mercedes-Benz will reveal the stretched version of the S-class, the Pullman, later this year. 

From the classifieds

Ford GT40 Recreation

Inspired to raid the Ford GT's back catalogue now the third-generation model has been revealed? Our friends at Pistonheads only have three examples on their classifieds site, one an original going up for auction, another an unpriced Mk2 in California, and most intriguing is a GT40 recreation, made in 2009 and available for £62,000. Tempting, no? 

Elsewhere online

Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters have started to surface

Ever wondered where limited-run supercars end up? A Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, costing £2.79million and limited to just nine units, has just been delivered to a customer in Hong Kong. See how it got there here.

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