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Audi has joined forces with our sister site, PistonHeads, to make a series of videos about the ferocious all-new RS3 – here’s the first

Audi wants to spread the word about the new RS3 and has enlisted the help of our friends at PistonHeads to promote a series of videos about the ferocious new hot hatch.

The theme behind the six films is ‘born restless,’ and this first offering suggests why that might be the case.

Trading on the fact the RS3 has a 362bhp turbocharged five-cylinder engine under its bonnet, and the shared heritage with the similar engine that powered the legendary Quattro rally car, Audi has done the obvious thing and taken the two out to a forest together.

This is the first of three videos produced by Audi, while the team at PistonHeads has been given free rein to do something spectacular for its three. We’ll share them when they are available.

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kcrally 13 June 2015

New clutch, Suzuki Swift,

New clutch, Suzuki Swift, £400 quid, inc VAT. Audi RS3 £2500.....
madmac 11 June 2015

Its a heavy 4 door hatch,Bah!

Its a heavy 4 door hatch,Bah! bring on the TTRS Plus !! or Sport Quattro Concept! Then we will be talking!
Peter Cavellini 11 June 2015


Well, what can you say?,please keep it short,others have there opinions too,mine?,who thought that destroying a legend of Rallying with one of your OWN products was a great idea?