SEAT’s first SUV impressed Cardiff and Edinburgh shoppers for its looks, space and features
23 August 2016

It can be hard to grab attention in a busy, bustling shopping centre. There are crowds of people, inviting-looking cafes and restaurants, and bright, bold shop fronts designed to make people look.

So when the new SEAT Ateca was put on display in the heart of Cardiff and Edinburgh for an Autocar promotion, could it possibly draw a crowd? The answer: easily.

“I don’t normally pay any attention to cars when I see this sort of display, but the Ateca caught my eye because it looks so good,” said Neil in Edinburgh. “I thought I’d investigate a bit further.”

What attracted visitors to St David’s Shopping Centre in the heart of Cardiff, and Ocean Terminal on Edinburgh’s waterfront to take a closer look at SEAT’s first SUV? To find out more, just watch this video.


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The new Ateca was styled on SEAT’s popular Leon model, with sharp, clean lines that contrast with many of its rivals in the small SUV category. “Walking through the shopping centre I noticed it right away,” said Derek in Edinburgh. “I’m not normally a 4x4 fan, but it caught my eye. It’s lovely and compact.”

Cardiff shopper Gwyn added: “It looked big. I thought it looked great. It looks like a car I’d enjoy driving, for sure.”

The members of the public who stopped to look at the Ateca could do more than just admire the car’s lines: they were able to size up the interior and try out some of the driver assistance and infotainment options.

“It’s not too big, but it’s a good size,” said Helen in Edinburgh. “It looks really expensive inside, and it’s not cluttered. There’s loads of room in it for families, shopping, long journeys.”

Edinburgh shopper Neil added: “The comfort stood out. I’m quite a big chap, but there was ample room for me, and plenty of headroom. I travel a lot for work, so I want a car that’s comfortable. That’s key.”

Miriam spotted the Ateca in Edinburgh, but lives up in rural West Lothian. She added: “I can definitely fit a weekly food shop in there easily. It would also be good for when our family go off walking, especially for all the dirty wellies.”

When it came to the technology, Miriam was impressed by the touchscreen that is at the heart of the infotainment system. “It’s got a really good screen,” she said. “I use my sat nav a lot, and the Ateca has a really good, clear screen.”

The range of user-friendly technology available for the Ateca impressed, from the Virtual Pedal that allows hands-free access to the sizeable boot through to the wireless phone charger. “All the toys appeal,” said Derek in Edinburgh. “The Push Start button, the sat nav, the cruise control. The ambient lighting [with multiple colour options] was quite nice as well.”

SEAT is hoping that the Ateca can draw attention for its style, and then impress further with its combination of space and features. That certainly seemed the case for many of the shoppers who spotted it in Cardiff and Edinburgh. “I’ve never thought about a 4x4-type car before, but I would with that type of car,” said Derek.

Edinburgh shopper Helen was hugely taken with the Ateca. Asked to sum up her opinion of SEAT’s first SUV in three words, she thought for a few moments before answering: “I. Want. This.”


To discover more about the new SEAT Ateca, click here.

To pre-order the new SEAT Ateca, click here.


Our Verdict

Seat Ateca

Can Seat’s first SUV impress, even with the heavy burden of expectation?

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