From £19,150
If you're after a cheap but imposing 4x4 that you can use to tow a house down the motorway, then look no further

Our Verdict

The SsangYong Rexton is a big, budget off-roader which feels cheap and crude by modern standards

6 March 2012

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13 March 2012

I think this proves not all Korean cars are now bad value, but i hate to think what this would cost with a Kia or Hyundai badge on it.

13 March 2012

Sure, it's ugly and dated, but it's good value and sure to be reliable. I drove an old Rexton as a hire car once, and whilst it felt like it was from the '80s, its rugged simplicity and charm won me over.

13 March 2012

"Lumbering over potholes and broken surfaces is where the Rexton feels at home" Yep and the low price is why we see many of them here in Russia !!

13 March 2012

So, its "it just 143mm shorter than a Transit van". Its also 187mm shorter than a 5 series, but I rarely see that car considered colossal.

Also, the article mentions a "suspicious-looking nipple" but doesn't show any photos. You tease, Autocar...

13 March 2012

This car has been on sale for some time now, what prompted a road test now? I have to agree though, Korean cars are on the up; I recently persuaded my mum to buy a year old Kia Rio. She loves it!

"Will accept donation of a Carrera GT, EB110 SS or McLaren F1...oh yeah or a Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder"

13 March 2012

So there's a suspicious looking nipple on the gearstick, which the author then discovered can be stirred in a circular motion... Were labels peeled off bottles when writing this review too? I second the call for a photo of this suspicious nipple, so we can judge for ourselves.

13 March 2012

You can get MB three-pointed stars on Ebay. Buy one, stick it on the front, make it look like 50,000!

13 March 2012

A 'does exactly what it says on the tin' type of vehicle and none the worse for that.

13 March 2012

Who'da thunk it - a Ssangyong Rexton that's more handsome than a Bentley (EXP 9 F)!

13 March 2012

[quote 6th.replicant]Who'da thunk it - a Ssangyong Rexton that's more handsome than a Bentley (EXP 9 F)![/quote]

If QV was still around, she would argue. But since the lunatic is no longer with us, we can all agree with you!


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