Subaru Outback 2.0D SE costs £27,995

Subaru Outback

We've driven Subaru's new Outback in diesel automatic form abroad; now it's time to see how the entry-level manual equivalent handles UK roads

Subaru Impreza
This Subaru Impreza RC costs £18,995 when specified with a CVT

Subaru Impreza

It may not be an obvious choice for most buyers, but this four-wheel-drive, sub-£20k hatch does have merit

From £16,4506
Subaru WRX STI
The original 1994 Impreza WRX STI started out with 247bhp; the new WRX STI packs 296bhp

Subaru WRX STI

The STI is back, but is it a match for Europe's best hot hatches?

Subaru Outback
The Subaru's diesel engine puts out 148bhp and 258lb ft

Subaru Outback 2009-2014

Revised Outback gets impressive powertrain; offers plenty as a no-nonsense functional wagon

Subaru Forester
The Subaru Forester is now in its fourth generation

Subaru Forester

It’s likely to be Subaru’s best-selling model, but is this also its best?

Rugged XV works off road but not well enough on it to earn broad appeal

Subaru XV

The Subaru XV is a no-nonsense crossover that doesn't quite make enough sense on the road

From £18,1656
Subaru’s 4x4 estate morphs into bona fide small SUV

Subaru Forester 2008-2013

The Subaru Forester avoids the glam detailing of most other soft-roaders and sticks to traditional 4x4 spec

From £22,2006
Does the WRX STi turn the Impreza into a proper driver’s tool?

Subaru WRX STi 2007-2013

The Subaru STi is fast, grippy and offers immense value

From £31,5507
Estate-only Legacy puts emphasis on space and comfort

Subaru Legacy

As a true workhorse, there are few better than the Subaru Legacy. As an everyday estate, there are loads better.

From £21,8655
Subaru says the BRZ is targeted more at enthusiasts than the better-equipped GT86

Subaru BRZ

The Subaru BRZ 2+2 coupé is the marque's own product from its collaboration with Toyota, which also resulted in the GT86


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