There will be a successor to the McLaren P1, but not for “at least ten years” according to sales and marketing boss Greg Levine.

Part of the original P1 project’s brief from its initiation in 2009 was revealed by McLaren last week, stating the car “will maintain its status as the best super sports car the world has ever seen until a successor is built”.

However, Levine played down the significance of the mission statement, saying: “The only way a car like the P1 works is by being exclusive and having a short product cycle. After that, you have to step back from the market for a few years. These sort of launches can only happen every ten years or so.”

Three-quarters of the McLaren P1s that have been fully specced by customers so far include bespoke modifications, although that number is expected to drop to around a third as more orders are logged.

The changes from the standard car range vary from individual paint colour choices to interior modifications. Several customers have also ordered two cars, although no-one has yet ordered more.

“We’ve had 30 or so cars full specced by the customers so far, and the desire to make each car more individual has been noticeable,” said Paul MacKenzie, the head of the McLaren Special Operations division. “Based on experience we expect that figure to come down, but what’s significant is that people want their cars to look different.”

More extreme potential modifications include removing the air conditioning units to shave weight or finishing the bodywork in an unpainted carbonfibre weave.

Around a fifth of all McLaren 12Cs ordered are modified by the MSO division.

Autocar has produced digital books on the McLaren P1 hypercar as well as the F1 and 12C supercars.

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