McLaren reviews

  • McLaren 12C

    McLaren 12C

    The McLaren 12C has extraordinary pace and handling, but is a touch clinical

    From £168,5009
  • McLaren MP4-12C Spider

    McLaren 12C Spider

    The McLaren 12C Spider narrows the gap to the Ferrari 458 - particularly in drop-top form - to negligible

  • McLaren F1 1992-1998

    McLaren F1 1992-1998

    In 1994 Autocar road tested the fastest and most extreme road car ever built. Here is the definitive verdict on the McLaren F1

    From £540,00010
  • McLaren P1

    McLaren P1

    The stakes couldn't be higher, so has the P1 risen to the challenge?

  • McLaren 650S

    McLaren 650S

    The latest addition to McLaren's line-up may be based on the 12C, but this is a whole new ball-game

  • McLaren 650S Spider

    McLaren 650S Spider

    Is Woking's latest supercar more than just a rehashed 12C?