Calm down, calm down. I must admit I’m surprised by the amount of mud being slung at the Mini Rocketman on the forums.I really like it and can’t wait to crawl all over it at next week’s Geneva show. It’s exactly the sort of car that Mini should be making.

Okay, it’s lardier than the Issigonis original but modern crash regulations, larger customers and changing buyer expectations means that BMW will never come out with a car quite like that. But as a modern interpretation it’s close enough I’d say.

I’m not an apologist for Mini either. I can understand the need for the Countryman but don’t really like the execution. I can’t stand the electric scooters and I hate the slightly naïve way in which Germans seem to be interpreting British culture  - the name Rocketman for a start  - and the silly associations with the swinging sixties – launches in Carnaby Street and the like.