Very impressed by the depth of knowledge displayed by most of you on this one. Quite a few of you got the Noble, and a surprising number of you got the middle order pretty spot on as well.

The key thing was to realise that top speed at the standing kilometre is what counts, which is why the Atom – normally the king of acceleration – was relegated to last place.

In the end, power is what mattered most – assuming one hadn’t fluffed the initial getaway. Which is why the Porsche very nearly set the quickest time of all – 20.05sec v 20.00sec for the M600 – yet was still nowhere near the Noble on top speed.

Anyroad, here’s the final order.

1 Noble M600 173.8mph/20.00sec2 Ferrari 458 Italia 163.9mph/20.33sec3 Porsche 911 Turbo S 163.2mph/20.05sec4 Mercedes SLS 161.1mph/21.22sec5 Lexus LFA 157.9mph/21.55sec6 Nissan GT-R 153.9mph/21.65sec7 Audi R8 V10 Spyder 152.1mph/22,05sec8 Ariel Atom 245 128.0mph/22.84sec