What makes a car great? Speed? Style? Comfort? Driver involvement? A combination of all of these? Or is it the ability to plaster a grin across your face whatever the circumstance?

2-Eleven Having just contorted myself out of the Lotus 2-Eleven with freezing hands and bruised shins, spent a good five minutes wrapping it up in its protective tent and disengaging the electric switch, I reckon it’s definitely the latter.

Any enthusiast will be familiar with that sense of unadulterated glee tinged with adrenaline that you get when you round the perfect corner in the perfect car. It’s a rare occurrence. But there are cars that can give you that feeling all the time and the Lotus 2-Eleven is one of them.

Even at 30mph in town, getting stuck at traffic lights and pulling muscles you didn’t know you had just to try and see if there’s a car in the lane next to you, there’s still a smile behind the helmet.