Opinion: Can Uber sustain its business model with a bespoke electric car?

Arrival will create an EV specifically for ride-share drivers, but questions remain

5 May 2021
Technology news

When it comes to driverless cars, are we the problem?

Autonomous vehicles are definitely coming but there are some interesting issues to overcome first

4 February 2021
Technology news

My Skoda Superb was a zeitgeist new car purchase

On the day the government announced its 2030 ban on petrol and diesel cars, one man arrives home with his new plug-in hybrid

18 November 2020
Technology news

Tell us what you think about podcasts

Extended home working has opened our ears to a world of entertaining podcasts. Now we need to know which you think we should be listening to

16 April 2020
Electric supercharger
Electric superchargers are becoming more common as a way to kill lag and help emissions
Technology news

Under the skin: Why electric superchargers are gaining ground

Cutting out turbo lag is a big reason that Audi and other manufacturers introduced the new tech

30 December 2019
Diesel engine
Diesel engines may have fallen out of favour recently but they will always be more frugal than petrol engines
Technology news

Under the skin: Why diesel engines will always be more efficient than petrol

Though both fuels come from crude oil, diesel engines' compression ignition and no throttle gives them the edge

17 December 2019
Skoda umbrella in door
One of Skoda's 'simply clever' features is doors which conceal umbrellas
Technology news

Why Skoda is looking to start-ups for 'simply clever' new ideas

The Czech firm is proud of the practical features hidden in its cars – and it's trying to find new ones for the digital age

30 October 2019
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Technology news

Are oil-powered cars heading the way of the fur coat?

Fur coats were once revered as the height of opulence, but no more. Could the car industry head the same way?

23 September 2019
Limited-slip differential cutaway
The latest LSDs have electronically activated clutches instead of mechanical ramps which compress the plates and lock the differential
Technology news

Under the skin: how technology is improving limited-slip differentials

We take a look inside the crucial component in any performance car's drivetrain

18 March 2019
Technology news

Why the arrival of fully autonomous cars reflects the slow rise of the robot

Five decades after television promised us robotic assistants, we're still waiting – so will autonomous cars follow suit?

8 March 2019
Roads full of driverless cars could be further away than you thought
Roads full of driverless cars may not occur for a while yet
Technology news

Opinion: There are no driverless cars on sale – and there may never be

Mainstream availability of driverless cars is further away than you might think

3 September 2018
Mercedes-Benz E220d Driver Assistance package
Matt Burt is a fan of the driver assistance systems on the Mercedes-Benz E220d estate
Technology news

How I learned to stop worrying and almost trust self-driving cars

Some autonomous driving functions are more useful than others and I'm ready to put my faith in systems that make driving more pleasurable

3 May 2018

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Motorsport news

Motorsport news

The five rules of race circuit design

12 May 2021

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