I've always preferred the sleek lines of coupés to wind-in-the-hair convertibles, so I've been impatient to have a go in the Jaguar F-type coupé that's joined our long-term test fleet.

I got my chance yesterday, and enjoyed my drive, even though it was a gnarly motorway slog up to the Midlands.

However, an unusual thing occurred during the return leg.

When I got back in the car to drive home, I placed my iPhone into the cubby hole in the centre console behind the gearshift – the one which contains rubber mouldings to hold your takeaway coffee cups.

The cubby was already filled with the detritus that can accumulate during a long journey (usually empty Haribo bags in my case) so I had to lay the phone flat on top of the junk I'd shoved in there.

When I stopped for fuel, I closed the cubby's flip-top lid to hide my phone from prying eyes.

Later, when I reached my final destination, I opened the cubby hole lid to retrieve my phone… which had disappeared.

After a few baffling moments, I realised what had happened. The cubby hole lid, which flips upwards and then neatly slides down out of sight, features a prominent lip on its underside.