Here's what I’m looking forward to in 2008 – VWs with style.

I could say I’m looking forward to a Civic Type R with suspension, or Fernando Alonso’s third F1 title – but frankly, I don’t think either is very likely in 2008. So I’ll settle for a Volkswagen with style.

It should come in the shape of the new Scirocco, which should turn up at one of 2008’s top motor shows with styling that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Iroc, first seen at Paris in 2006.

For too long VWs have been worthy on the road (particularly the Golf GTi, of course) but, well, a little on the dull side visually. I’ve fond memories of the Scirocco from my childhood, and even the stocky Corrado wasn’t a bad looker. So I’ve been frustrated at the lack of flair.

If Wolfsburg can finally match something that drives as well as a Golf GTi with something that actually looks sporty – and price it reasonably – then it could kick-start the small sports-coupé market all over again. And with entertaining dynamics at its core – isn’t that something worth waiting for?

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