The FIA has taken a conciliatory line towards the question of Ferrari’s apparent infringement on the ban on team orders, which saw Felipe Massa concede victory in the German GP to Fernando Alonso.

The governing body’s World Motor Sport Council decided yesterday that it would also initiate a detailed investigation into the whole question of team orders, but have imposed no extra penalty on the Italian team beyond the $100,000 fine imposed at Hockenheim.

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With the Italian GP at Monza coming up this weekend, you could almost hear the sigh of relief from Maranello!

The FIA also took the opportunity to reject any of the applications to fill the slot as 13th team on the starting grid next year on the basis they found none of the applicants – including former world champion Jacques Villeneuve’s proposed collaboration with the Durango organisation – as not being up to the requisite standard.

It was also announced that the 2011 title chase will be staged over 20 races – one more than this season – with a new fixture in India on the list for the first time, pending circuit approval, of course.

The FIA, both in its motorsport and mobility roles, took the opportunity of making it clear that it fosters  a strong interest in promoting road safety.

With that in mind, competitors at FIA events must act as ambassadors for the sport and have been made aware their conduct on the road must be exemplary.

A proposal to amend the international sporting code will be submitted to the FIA General Assembly to clarify that any holder of an International Super Licence must also be in possession of a current road driving licence.

Additionally, the Code will be amended to clarify that if an International Super Licence holder is involved in a serious road traffic offence recognised by a national police authority, the FIA, depending on the severity of the case, may issue a warning or refer the matter to the International Disciplinary Tribunal, which may temporarily or indefinitely withdraw the competitor’s International Super Licence.

You have been warned, guys!