If the weekend’s first-ever FIA Formula E race in Beijing taught us anything in absolute certainty, it’s that the new Dallara-built chassis is extremely tough.

Nick Heidfeld found that out first-hand after getting walloped by Nicolas Prost as he tried to overtake the Frenchman for the lead on the final corner of the final lap.

The contact pitched Heidfeld into a spin, and a temporary corner kerb acted as a ramp that launched his Venturi-entered car into the air. The German flipped upside down and smashed into the flimsy looking barrier that was in front of the decidedly less flimsy catch-fencing.

It was a scary accident. Heidfeld wriggled out of what was left of his car and jogged in the direction of Prost, who was wandering away from the scene of his crime with as much French nonchalance as he could muster in the circumstances.