If you love British motorsport, you have an unrivalled opportunity over the next six weeks to make it better: more exciting, more spectacular and more available 

The Motor Sports Association, which governs motorsport in this country, has pushed successive governments over many years to amend the law to make it easier to stage special motorsport events — parades, trials, rallies, hillclimbs — on public roads, as is routine in most European countries.

Under current law such closures are very difficult. A suspension of the Road Traffic Act is needed to effect the road closure, and this can only be achieved by a special act of parliament to empower local authorities to make it happen. Which is one big reason for the rarity of events on closed public roads in this country.

Now, however, the government has backed a public consultation on closed-road motorsport that will run for six weeks, ending on 10 April. The idea is to collect submissions from interested parties — that means you and me — and if we respond immediately there is a strong possibility the law will change. 

The MSA has published clear guidance about how to respond with best effect on its website www.msauk.org