Have I told you about the Australian Supercars championship? I feel like I must have. I’ve told everyone else. It’s Australia’s touring car championship, which used to be called V8 Supercars but, for reasons that will become obvious in a minute, isn’t any longer.

I bring it up because it springs to mind every time somebody mentions road racing. Or V8s. Or Australia. Or, in fact, about 12 times a day because there’s little else I’d rather watch.

It is, in short, one of the most competitive and entertaining car racing series on the planet. It’s quite easy to watch: go to supercars.com and pay about £25 for the season.

Did I say it was competitive? It is. At one recent round, if you qualified 0.84sec off pole position, you’d have started in 26th place. The grids are big, as are the cars: Ford uses the Falcon, Holden the Commodore, and Nissan the Altima – all big saloons in the Australian market.