When Formula 1 is crying out to try and appeal to a wider audience - while still struggling to retain the one it has - it could do without such fiascos as the start of the British Grand Prix.

About 15 minutes before the race, the heavens opened quite dramatically for a short, sharp downpour. It soaked the track, but no sooner had the rain stopped than the sun came out again, all before the grid had been cleared of the pit crews. The track was obviously going to dry quickly in the first few laps of the race.

Now, a wet race typically makes for a more exciting one; even the most casual of F1 fans would know that.

Instead, we were robbed of a race at the start by the decision to start behind the safety car. If that wasn't enough, it stayed out for far too long, by which time there were dry lines on parts of the circuit and most drivers were coming in for intermediate tyres. There was no racing in the wet at all.

Why? Of course, safety must come first, but to my eyes the trust and respect between the drivers not to wipe each other out wins here. It wasn't dark and visibility was improving by the second. Does the FIA seriously believe the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel cannot be trusted to race for a couple of laps in the rain? Do they think Pirelli isn't capable of making tyres that work in the rain? Why not do two warm-up laps behind the safety car as sighters for the conditions before starting the race as normal?

There was booing in the crowd at the decision and rightly so.

So often, the sports that need to widen their appeal do things to wind people up. I remember an Ashes test at the Oval a couple of years ago when they came off for bad light at the end of the fifth day with England only needing a few more runs to win. There were floodlights, but they weren't used. It was ridiculous. Ironically, it was considered too dark for cricket but it was certainly too light soon after to see the fireworks to celebrate England's success...

So, well done F1. Can we not just show a bit more common sense next time please? Or (how about this) even show some consideration and respect to the fans for once. Now that would be something.