You're in a car, throttle wide open and at top speed, and you're covering more than one football pitch a second. That's how fast 300mph is. It's so staggeringly fast, in fact, that by the time you've finished reading this sentence you'll have travelled almost another half a mile.

The engineering challenges at these kind of speeds are phenomenal. You need to keep the car on the ground, enable it to follow a desired course, stop its powertrain from turning into a cloud of expensive shrapnel and – ultimately – have it produce enough power to reach, let alone exceed, 300mph.

The announcement of a new 286mph-capable Bugatti Veyron, however, suggests that the world's first 300mph-capable production car is years, rather than decades, away. Could a Super Sport version, with more power and a other upgrades, attain the necessary additional 14mph?