Taking a summer holiday in Paris isn’t a hard decision, but working out how best to see the city most certainly is. Simply put, you're spoiled for choice.

Paris tourists are faced with a bewildering array of options, from the exhausting but rewarding walking tours through to the relaxing but limited boat tours and open-topped bus rides – and everything in between.

New to that ‘everything’ category is a chance to see the city from the insides of an original Citroën DS – or simply DS, as they’d prefer you to call it now the brand has been relaunched as a standalone entity.

The tour is run by the same people who have developed a similar scheme for the 2CV in recent years, which means you get a local driver with an enthusiastic knowledge of the city. There’s a choice of one and a half or three-hour tours, and enough room in the car for four tourists plus the driver.

It’s not cheap, but based on my experience it is worth it. The shorter tour is €240, the longer one €400. It’s a lot, for sure, but if there are four of you, getting the famous Bateaux Mouche along the river costs around a third as much and (in my estimation) delivers an experience about one tenth as informative or thrilling.