I really do feel like moaning about the weather, after all that man made global warming didn’t really deliver did it? Instead we have to put up with sub-zero temperatures, or winter, as we traditionally called it. I’m glad that the hole in the ozone layer repaired itself otherwise we wouldn’t be able to revel in the joys of open-topped motoring.

Technically it isn’t quite spring yet, but I notice that British Car Auctions are getting excited about an upcoming sale of 400 ex-lease convertibles. These will presumably form the bulk of your local used car dealers' seasonal stock. They’ve got everything from MR2s to A3s and MX-5s, and Merc E350s to name just a few.

So I just wondered whether your thoughts turned to any particular make and model of open-top car to give you a nice warm glow inside. I mean do you really need a pricey cabriolet, or wouldn’t some old Fiesta that someone’s hacked the roof off give you the same wind in the hair, bore wear smoke in the nostrils experience?