If it wasn't for the amount of traffic on the first lap, I'd have been much faster... See, after two days at the Nürburgring I'm already beginning to sound like a racing driver getting my excuses in.

The Scuderia 7 course I've been doing these past two days, where you undergo intensive training to try and learn the 21km race circuit, is now complete - and the final results are in. The assessment at the end of the training was two timed laps, with your score being calculated on how closely matched the two laps were against the clock rather than how fast you went.

My two timed laps were 2.69sec apart over the course. That placed me 21st overall out of just over 100, and fifth in my group of 10 other hacks of varying Nürburgring experience. The winner's two laps were just 0.07sec apart.