In the 16 July issue of Autocar (all good newsagents, etc) some of our staff and contributors outlined how they’d spend £56,650 – the same money as buys a brand new BMW M4 – if they had to spend it on something other than a BMW M4.

Our writers’ choices included a Jaguar F-type coupé, a BMW M5 and Lotus 2-eleven, a Ferrari 550 and a motorcycle and so on. Good calls all.

I was not asked to suggest how I’d spend the equivalent. Partly that’s because, in my role as road test Stabskapitänleutnant, I had to write pithy verdicts on everyone else’s choices.

But mostly it was because I would have chosen a dozen or so old sheds and snotboxes and nobody in the office wanted to hear about them.

Nor do you, probably, but I’m going to tell you anyway. In no particular order, then:

1) A BMW R100 RS, lightly fettled, at around £3000.

2) A Datsun 240Z, in tidy condition at £12,000. I’d use this a lot.

3) A tidy two-stroke kart for messing around on, at £1200. I’ve already got a trailer.