"It's a practical choice," will likely be the first words past your lips when you try to convince your partner that this is a sensible option. 

Fortunately, a modicum of truth to that statement might help you coerce them into hearing you out. This is a refined-looking Mercedes-Benz estate, after all, one with seating for five and a capacious boot.

"Consider it serving two purposes," will be uttered next, as you try to dodge the fact that this C-Class does in fact have a 4.3-litre V8 under the bonnet. One that produces 306bhp and 302lb ft, granting the plush Merc a 0-60mph time of under seven seconds.

Manage to make that idea fly and you'll be able to enjoy the duality that makes high-performance estates like the C43 AMG so desirable. Here's a car you can chuck the kids and their associated paraphernalia in, and drive as comfortably and as easily as any other luxury estate.