This is going to land me in a whole heap of unpopularity with road safety organisation Brake and its ilk, but isn’t it about time, seriously, that we changed the speed limits in the UK?

Think about it: the contemporary car is so much safer than it was when the original limits were set. In the 1970s cars were full of spiky bits inside and were so shonky to drive that they would inevitably fall to pieces if driven at anywhere near their maximum speed.

And yet we still had a limit of 70mph on motorways and 60mph on derestricted single carriageways – and not so much as a single camera anywhere in the land with which to enforce the speed limits.

Today, though, cars are massively safer, increasingly faster and can stop in about half the distance of the average 1970s family saloon, and still we have the same old speed limits to adhere to.

I went on a safety awareness course recently, and was quietly bombarded with all sorts of propaganda about how much longer it takes to stop from 80mph than it does from 70mph, and the statistics themselves were quite shocking. But not once were we told about how much safer a modern road car is compared with its 1970s equivalent, and the scaremongering became quite irritating after a while.