Do you remember the 1971 television series The Persuaders? It stars a young Roger Moore and Tony Curtis, who team up to solve criminal cases which have outwitted the usual justice system. It ran for 24 episodes over a single season, and 22 of those episodes featured the Bahama yellow Aston Martin DBS you see in the pictures above.

That is the same car from the TV show, and was bought by its current owner at auction for a record-breaking £533,000. But here's the thing – even though there are plenty of V8 markings on the car there's no such engine under the bonnet. It's actually a six-cylinder, because at the time production of the V8-powered DBS hadn't started. The car was provided by Aston Martin, and it's said that many of the cast and crew went on believing the Aston was a V8 until the series ended.

That registration number, too, has a story. It belonged to Billy Smart, of Billy Smart's Circus, who gave his permission for the registration number to appear in the series. It just so happened that his initials were the same as Roger Moore's character, Lord Brett Sinclair.

The Aston Martin was one of a number of cars on display at London's Hurlingham Club yesterday evening. The gathering was a preview event for the forthcoming Salute to Style, which takes place next month.