Kia design boss, Peter Schreyer, reckons the pretty, well-balanced new Kee coupe begins a whole new generation of styling for his marque.

Nobody inside the company will say it’s bound for production – at present it is claimed not to be based on any particular platform – but Kia insiders do say it’s a “sub-TT model”, and confirm that it has all the dimensional properties that would allow it to comply with European design rules and crash law.

It could be made, but at this stage there is no deccision on powertrain; it could be front-drive, rear-drive or four-wheel-drive.

The car has slightly fuller body sections than Kia models, but it still uses “logic lines” to define the whole shape. This, in future, is how Scheyer wants his cars to be.

Other positive signs for production? Everyone at Kia admits it’s high time this marque billed as sportier than Hyundai, its close relation, had a really snappy coupe — given that Hyundai has had one for years. Production is “more than a possibility”.